Lokalt ansattes Forening

Syndicat des employés locaux du ministère des affaires Etrangères


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Who are we?

What can we do for you?


  • Around 1000 local employees are by far the largest group in the Norwegian Foreign Service and until UDLAF was formed there was nobody to speak on behalf of our group. UDLAF are now in dialog with the MFA (UD) and though this dialogs we hope to better our working conditions.
  • UDLAF is a part of STAFO (formerly called Statsansattes Forening/Government employed Union) STAFO is a politically independent umbrella organization for employees. STAFO was formed on 23 November 1923 and consist of 42 independent trade unions in acknowledgement of the fact that people have a greater impact on social change when they join forces rather than by acting alone. STAFO is one of 22 organizations under the umbrella of the Confederation of Vocational Unions (YS) Total members in YS: 215000.
  • It is UDLAF's members and board that runs our Union independently. Together with STAFO and highly qualified law experts we form our own regulations and suggestion to work conditions agreement with MFA. STAFO and YS will when necessary assist us with experts in meeting with the MFA. They will also give us and single members support and help in difficult situations in matters relating to working matters.

UDLAF's Aims are:

  • We will work for all local employees’ regardless of nationality, that everyone shall be treated equally, fair and get what they are entitled to.


  • We will engage in a dialog with MFA to look after the local employees interests. We believe that it is beneficial for the MFA and us that we engage in a good dialog. No one benefits from employees who are unhappy in their daily work.


  • We will assist members in conflict with their employer at the mission level or at the MFA.


  • We will train UDLAF officials to be well educated and prepared to work for best for our members.


We hope you will become a member of UDLAF. The more members we have the more influence we will have on your working conditions.

If you need more information please contact us at post@udlaf.no .You can also find information on UDintra under Velfred/Fagforeninger  


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